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i have had MAJOR problem with the trans in my 08.
the trans blew 3 time in a month(coverd under warrenty)
the first time they(parkway dodge..... they suck fatty dick. wouldnt recomend them to anyone) rebuilt it and guess what.... it blew again so i took it to richmond dodge which is closer to my house and thats who i purchased the truck from and they rebuil the trans again and then 75 miles later it blew so i took it back to richmond and they gave me a whole new trans from the factory. also, about a month ago my rear end starts clunkin so i took it to richmond for a third time and it turns out the differential was completely shot so i got a whole new rear end for only 100 buks(extended bumper to bumper unlimited lifetime warrenty with 100 dollar deductable).
but the thing that caught my attention was the manager of the service dpt at richmond dodge was telling my buddy that after they had my truck in they had 6 more 06-08 rams in there with identical trans and diff. problems. the only thing i can think of(and which i hate) is these damn computerized transmissions. there garbage!!!
but after the diff. went ive had no problems. im assuming that it was just a common problem that they didnt recall because there wasent enough to recall? idk.
but now all is good and shes back to workin on a daily basis and putting up with my driving habbits(a 19 year old with a heavy right foot and a hemi
and if it is a common problem you might want to tell your buddy to get his diff. checked out befor that goes also.
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