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Originally Posted by SKIP
I know this, one of the guys who used to be in my club was/is an engineer for some of the new dump sites in the US. I'm sure they never leak...

I work right next to one, actually the one right across from CC's building. They just keep building it higher & higher. I'm sure it never has run-off.
But... It does supply gas for the GM Lake Orion Plant.

I realize they have got better, but we are surrounded fresh water & they have plentiful open unused desolate area.

Sure there is risk just like there are risk with drilling for oil, and most things that keep are economy running. But they are not trying to stop dumps from being in Michigan, stopping canadian garbage does not stop that risk.

Being that you are such an expert, than you already know that the run off is what they use to make the fuel.

I see so you are just saying not in my backyard. Debbie Stabbenow has taken a no big deal thing and Blown it out of proportion for political gain. That is all it is but if you really want to believe that if you vote for her that you are saving the planet I won't burst your bubble.
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