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Well I have been driving it everyday so far. Even drove it to work on Friday which is 40 miles one way from Temperance to Saline. About 150 miles of trouble free driving so far......except for one problem. I drove it to work and back on friday which was 80 miles and when I got home I parked it in driveway,as I walked to my back door I heard "pop and gush" sound. As I turned back I seen antifreeze pouring out under truck. Well it turns out I never put a dam hose clamp on one of the heater hoses! Talk about getting lucky!

I am also tired of the welded rear axle and junk rear drum brakes so starting tomorrow Im rebuilding my disc brake 8.8 and throwing in my Lock-Rite. Im also removing the front fender liners and cutting up the wheel openings more for more tire clearance .
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