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Originally Posted by 7.3X View Post
As a Ford only guy I will agree a few of the answers above,
Change the fluid and add a friction modifier but that will only help on a limited slip and not an open diff. If that does not fix it then pull the cover and check the carrier for a bad spider gear.
those rear axles usually hold up fairly well in the Explorers so I doubt it is a broken gear.
Does it do it turning both directions left and right what speed and throttle or no throttle?
Well so far have only driven it on a 5 minute test drive which is where I encountered the ratcheting effect the most due to the cornering in and out of driveway

And then a slow and easy ride 45 minute ride up m-24 ....white knuckle affraid something was going to break (rear axle ) or fall off ( maybe front wheel unit bearing ) very easy driveing ...since this vehicle has sat for about 1 year before PO acquired it and traded it off

noise is definately when you put a load on it..while cornering ..1/4 throttle or more to get the tire to spin ...then noise starts and chatter feel happens

while driving straight it almost sounds like a bad front unit bearing buzz....which i have yet to verify or check into yet at this point

I simply am not used to this gen explorer and donot have any experiance with the axle that comes in it

I have had a 92 8.8 and it dint even come close to making any noises at all

I will drive this again on the road tomorrow once I get my Plate & insurance on it

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