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Holy four wheel roostertails!!!! Its a beast!!!

Took it out in the backyard and the power is sick in 4wd. My backyard has about 4-5 inches of untouched snow and this thing was drifting sideways just layin into it. Then took it around the block for some stop and go driving and put about 5 miles on it. Still rides just like it use to which I love. No crazy vibrations or anything weird.I still have the 3.73 gears and even with the 35's it will roll the F out! Got me rethinking the 4.56's.

So far I had to fix one leaky oil line and engine temp is bouncing between 190 and 240.Im thinking I need to move my rad cap to a higher spot to get all the air out. It goes into 4HI no problem but the dash button flashes when I try 4LOW and wont engage.Most likely its looking for the VSS signal since Im not using it{ Speed density and the C4 dont require it} I will have to go into the 4wd module and trick it somehow. Sounds like passenger side header collector didnt seal up all the way cuz I have a small leak when you lay into it. Also the C4 shifts a little late and hard for my taste so I need to adjust the modulator to calm that down a touch. Cruising around 45-50 mph is just under 2000 rpm in 3rd gear...perfect.

I guess this wraps up this project for now...time to put some miles on it and enjoy!
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