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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
As stated already, He did not bring your name into this. You did. Lighten up. He's just trying to figure out what is wrong with the Vehicle so HE can fix it and drive it. He's not a Shady Character, I've delt with him over PM's and he's a great communicator and is honest. A witch hunt you will not get

Mudbilly, I had a 96 explorer (same axle) and it made some decent amount of noise when my dad had it. I remember because I had to ride in the back and always told him his axle was making noises. What that noise is, I have no idea. If the breaks are no Good You would obviously want to check the pads and rotors. Good luck with fixing it and avoiding the .

Thanks very much....

The general consensus I'm getting so maybe this gen of Explorer have a noiser than Gen 1's rear axle

The noticable vibration coused buy the ratcheting effect has me more concered than the slight noise

Heck the Buzzing i'm hearing down the road, could be a unit bearing or rear axle bearing.....this vehicle is new to me, so it's noises are new to me

Thanks guys for any and all idea's

Cant wait to get the darn diff cover off and seeing for myself ( since I sevice all used vehicles I aquire before I send them down the road anyway )
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