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Originally Posted by Quiefinator View Post
Dont bring all this nonsense out here, I dealt with you in PM's. Dont' go trying to knock me in public b/c i dont think you will enjoy it. i'm not the only person fed up with your shady deals, you screwed me and you will screw other people.

First of all, plenty of room is not cutting cars off and secondly I told you the brakes were soft and and and wait for it and and and "You freaking slid all the way down my driveway as soon as you backed outta the garage." You had to of felt the full effect of the pedal then!!!!

Basically he slid up a 4ft incline(not sure how thats possible) , into oncoming traffic, floored it, the rear locked up (i told him i have not checked all the fluids), told me the truck was making a shit ton of noise (wasnt there when i drove it), changed are trade agreement and either wanted to leave me with a broke truck or give me less parts, real winner this guy is.

I did not change agreement did not deliver I picked up ....remember ?
I Also offer to pay $1,000 in cash instead of trade is that screwing you ??


Way to bring in Dramma

I just want to know about the axle ...that is all ( I have pm's to support I never changed any deal 's .... I gave you good feedback for an as is vehicle please ..just go away )

mods please clean this up if you can

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