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Question 95 Explorer = Rear axle making ratcheting noises on tight turns ?

* 1995 4dr Explorer with rear disc brakes & 166,000 miles = Notible loud and ratchety Feeling rear axle ?? *

Just got this sat, upon testdrive noticed it was a 90* turn out of snowy driveway on top of a hill ...on a corner with cars comming and Explorer had no brake's.......

So I gave it aggresive throtttle to get out infront of on comming cars.....plenty of room buy the way...

Just wasnt expecting 10% brakes (pedal just about to floor ) when seller said they were allitle spungy is all

Either way am happy with vehicle, but am worried to drive the truck any length , due to rear axle issue ? back ontrack

While aggresively pulling out into traffic from ice and snow onto wet pavement ...Not burning tires off or anything like 2wd

But while aggresively making a " tight turn "..I noticed a very loud and noticable ratcheting feel and sound comming from rear axle

I realize the rear diff was working, and it does drive down the road ok...It might buzz alittle ..but could also just be a bad unit bearing up front, dont know just yet

Actual question right here ** Are the 95's really that loud and ratchety feeling and sounding or is something on it's way out ??

Am going to pull the diff cover this weekend , inspect and get a pic if need be

Forgive the Novel....little trucks arnt my bag...and I want to get the point accross, best I can

Thanks for the space, & any & all suggestions

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