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Mine is a 2006 with just over 20,000 miles now. Its never been in the salt, and I'm doing my best to keep it looking like new. I did a 4500 mile trip from Michigan to Yellowstone, down to Grand Tetons, down to Moab, and back to Michigan all towing about 8,000 pounds, and it never blinked an eye. I ended up on a 14% grade in Wyoming, and it never sweat going up or down.

Mine has all the factory goodies you can get, so I'm pretty happy with it the way it is. The Bose stereo is nothing special, but plenty good enough for me. The heated leather seats with memory were great on long trips.

I love the LBZ engine, but the truck came with a PPE programmer, so after adding the Transgo Jr. kit, I run it on #2, which is a 90HP tune. I can get over 20 MPG unloaded. Towing mileage sucks, but I drive fast, so its expected.

I hated the way it rode stock. The Rancho shocks did an awesome job of smoothing it out. The new rear cab mounts also made a world of difference. I highly recommend both to anybody with one of these trucks.

I've done a few mods, and don't really plan to do any more except maybe some HID headlights. Here's a quick list of my mods.

torsion key lift with 265/75/16 Michelin LTX MS (stock is 245s, which are ridiculously small)
Rancho 9000XL (adjustable) shocks all around
MBRP 4" turbo back stainless exhaust (to eliminate the factory engine droan, help with EGT temps, and a make a sweet exhaust sound)
AFE Stage 2 intake (not necessary at all, but the truck came with it)
EGR blocked (very necessary, IMO)
Dashdaq + EGT probe
Transgo Jr. (recommended for anything over 50 HP tune)
Merchant Automotive tie rod sleeves
Access Tonneau
tinted windows 5% all around
Tekonsha P3 brake controller
NPI Catch-All carpet mats
all synthetic fluids
passenger seat full recline mod
chromed aluminum grille bowtie
custom chrome bowtie center cap stickers
GM chrome nerfs
GM plastic bedrail caps
towing mirror extensions
Cobra CB with Merchant Automotive mount and stainless antenna

I love the never-ending discussion about the terrible IFS suspension. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. My friend is just rebuilding the front end of his F250 for the THIRD TIME in 120,000 miles. Between the front end that won't hold together, the miserably-rough ride, and the 6.0 in his truck, he's told me numerous time he wishes he would have bought one like mine. To each their own, but I love my IFS.

Here's a few pics. Like I said, pretty much stock, but I like it like this. I don't have any desire to really change anything about the way it looks.

Only saw this one. Probably never see it again. I can routinely get 22 or so unloaded if I drive 65 MPH. It goes down fast as the speed increases.

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