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Originally Posted by busyfixin View Post
I'd stick with Skat-Trak Haulers or Hauler Extremes. I always liked the 21-12-8-8's, but I never rocked a Raptor.
21" is also good, but they were damn near impossible to find for a while there, and still may be...I haven't looked in a while. I'm not sure if companies quit producing 21" tires, or if there was just a huge demand for them and skat couldn't keep up with production. (skat trac buys tires from other companies, buffs them down, adds their paddles and sells them).

But for a 700, the 22" tall tire is great. These things make a ton of torque and can spin the larger tire with no problem. I'm running a 15 tooth front sprocket (stock is a 14t), and I could get a perfect WOT launch in second gear, no bogging at all with my 3 mod 700. With a stock raptor, stick with the stock 14t with 22' can pick up a 15t for around $20 and it only takes a few minutes to swap, but you may bogg it off the line if you try racing, if you go with 20's or 21's, the 15t should work well.

As for where to get tires, check out rockymountainatv and search google for a coupon code. You can normally get free shipping on orders over $100, and find a coupon for 10-20% off. They normally have good prices on sand tire/wheel packages.

But rocky mountain only sells 1 type of skat trac, their standard buff tire which just has the tread buffed off. You can get bead to bead buffs and super lites, which also have the sidewalls buffed and weigh a lot less from places like fullerton sand sports. They can also make you any combination of size and paddles that you want, but they will cost a bit more. If you plan on keeping your raptor stock, a set of 22" 7 paddle bead to bead buffs from fullerton will probably be the best all around tire for dragging and duning...but they will cost you. The 22" 8 paddle haulers on douglas red labels from rocky mountain will also be a very good wheel/tire package, and will cost a bit less.

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