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Default Thank you ARB for all your help!

I don't mean for this to sound like an endorsement or an advertisement, I just need to post a public thank you to the support folks at . I happen to know that there are people from ARB, and others that might find this public thank you to be interesting. So this is a public thank you for all the help ARB has been with their products that I've installed or had installed on our LJ. Specifically, a huge thanks to Nils Bull from their technical support department.

From the day I decided to put lockers in the LJ almost two years go they have been absolutely amazing with their help with the entire process. When I was having trouble with the lockers they spent hours upon hours on the phone with me troubleshooting and testing, and explaining how to disassemble various components of my axle and the locker itself. They were incredibly patient with my lack of understanding. Even when I shipped what I thought was an ARB locker to them, and it was actually a cheap knock off locker... they STILL were extremely helpful with getting me all the documentation, images, and illustrations I needed to prove that what was initially installed in my LJ were Yukon knock-offs.

More recently I sucked mud and water into my ARB air compressor during the fall color tour. I called Nils Bull for ordering information and pricing to get some replacement parts to fix my compressor. Once again, I am completely amazed at how far they went to help me with the project and make sure I have a fully functional on-board air system and lockers. I absolutely cannot possibly say enough about how appreciative I am for their help.

During the past year or so I've been asked a few times if I would install ARB lockers again, if I had it to do over again. I had often wondered this myself. The only trouble I've had with the air system was a small leak with a fitting that was my fault when I initially installed it. I can honestly say, I would very very likely do ARB's again, or anything from ARB because I know that ARB's support will go to amazing lengths to make sure their stuff works extremely well. The ARB lockers just work. They lock up when I flip the switch, and they unlock immediately when I flip the switch. The knock off lockers really struggled engaging and disengaging. It was when I, unknowingly, had the Yukon knock-offs that I regretted having air lockers. These ARB's just work.

So a major thank you to the support staff at ARB. Thank you, and thank you a million times over.
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