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Being that you were on Raptor forum, I'm going to assume you ride a Raptor. 660 or 700? Stock or modified?

Sandstars are decent paddles, but they won't win you any races or hill climb contests. I ran them on my 700 for a few years, that was until I started getting more into the drag racing thing. Now I'm on Skat Trak haulers and they are MUCH better all around than the sandstars ever were.

I used to run 20x11x9 sandstars on the rear, and 21x7x10's on the front. They were decent paddles, and held up well...but they are heavy, and don't get near the traction that the skats will.

Now I'm running 22x11x8 8 paddle haulers on the rear, and 21x5x10 skat track smooth buffs on the front. Each rear tire is a few inches wider than the Sandstar, taller, and weigh a few pounds like I said, you get much better grip with the skats. Next spring I will be on 22x11x8 10 paddle extremes because I will be putting down a lot more power, but those still may not be enough tire.

For a 3 mod, or mildly built can't beat a set of 22" 8 paddle haulers, stick with the 8" rim to save weight. If you are still stock, the 8 paddle haulers will work...but you really won't "need" that much paddle...a set of 6 or 7 paddle haulers will work great (but the 8's aren't a bad idea, just in case you want to build the quad up more later).

For wheels, go with a light spun aluminum wheel like the douglas red or blue labels.

As for fronts, they aren't needed by any means...but you will shave more weight and get better flotation on the sand with a set of smooth buffs or "mohawks" (both made by skat trak

Stick with a 21" front, and 22" rear...I know it is weird having larger tires on the rear of a sport quad...but the 22" is great on a Raptor. They will give you better flotation on the sand over a 20" tire, and the paddles are spaced out a little further, which will help with grip.

Again...the sandstars are decent because they are cheap and durable. But being a molded paddle tire, they are heavy and don't float as well. Skat traks are buffed tires, so they weigh much less, flex more, and the straight paddle design is a lot better out there IMO.

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