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Thanks all.

We made a little progress over the girls' Christmas break, but not as much as I had planned on. We were too busy ice skating, watching movies, making paintings/crafty stuff, playing "Angry Birds" on the iPod, etc. It's all good, though. It was a great week together.

We did get the engine compartment pretty much stripped down. The engine wiring harness is out, along with all accessories short of the power brake booster and one of the frame-mounted motor mounts. We wiped down the grime in the engine bay, and it's all pretty much shiny black paint (no surface rust). SO, it'll just be a matter of scuffing the paint, degreasing, and giving it a fresh top-coat. We'll likely use Eastwood Underhood Black.

This thread
also led me to truck myself down to Napa and buy a few cans of Dupli-color Wheel Coating. I picked up a couple cans of Satin Black, and one of Graphite. We're going to try out a couple small sections on some old wheels and see which we like better, keeping in mind that the Jeep will most likely end up painted BBQ black. I worked for a while on cleaning up one of the Ravine wheels that has some corrosion around the outer lip (Mira was playing "Angry Birds" at the time ). The wheel clean-up will be a "between other jobs" type of project.

When I bought the wheel paint, I also picked up a can of Dupli-Color Caliper Paint. The new brake calipers are now painted shiny black, and look great. We'll see how it holds up to heat/use after the vehicle is drivable. I figured it was worth a shot. EDIT (1/5/2011): My initial impression with the caliper paint (after drying) is that it's fairly brittle/flaky. I'm not sure how it'll hold up, but it was worth trying. Maybe it'll be better after curing for a few days.

I didn't get any further with the floor pan repair, but the patch under the driver's feet is about 2/3 complete. Again, it's the grinding/smoothing that's taking all the time, but it's looking good. FWIW, welding sheet metal is kind of a PITA relative to most of the work I have done (on 1/8" & 3/16" steel).

More to come...


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