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Let's go! Basically we'd drive up into the hole to get past the tree on the right. Then turn hard driver and back your left rear tire up onto the bank. This allowed you to get the left front tire into the middle of the track, just to the right of the big hole. Then it was straight forward hugging the tree on the right. This is where you would feel like you were going to roll off to the right. It took a little momentum and commitment and as you came up you stayed kind of 45* to the right of where the trail would normally take you.

Josh, I recognize that it was snotty last weekend and things have changed. It probably was NOT doable in those conditions. But, one never knows do they? My reason for this discussion is when someone says it's impossible and needs to be fixed is total bullshit. I've seen multiple people try an obstacle and never make it. Then someone else comes along and hits it just right and makes it look simple. I'm not saying I could have done it, however, I am saying it's been done, and recently.

Now the next thing........... RON, WE NEED MORE OF THESE!!!
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