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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR
It is because no self-respecting person can make something of themselves and retain any morals, integrity, honesty...blah blah blah.

or at least, some people would have you think that.

It's funny, but in America, someone that busts their ass to get ahead is held in such low regard. We get penalized by greater taxes, we are held in contempt by others not willing to work as hard, then we are "made example of" by democratic politicians claiming we're taking other's slice of the pie.

Land of the freeloading, home of the "gimmie mine!".
x Eleventy Billion !!!1!!ONE!

Thats why I'll ride one someone like for flipping off someone in a nice car.

Its so funny how people instantly think rich people are evil. We grew up pretty poor, but these days my parents are wealthy, and my grandparents are very wealthy. My grandpa is also one of the nicest, down to earth guys I've known. Has given more to charities than most people earn in their lifetime. He grew up one of 13 kids, son of a poor fireman in detroit, and got where he is by being smart, and working hard.

My parents are retired now, in their early 50s. My mom drives an E320. They actually spend like $10k a year buying xmas presents, wrapping them and bring them to orphanages(my two sisters are adopted) and needy families. We've done that since I was little.

Must mean their all assholes and can't be trusted.

Just like me

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