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Originally Posted by Fullsize4life View Post
I pull 18mpg consistently towing my jeep at 70mph. 24mpg unloaded on the highway. 15 around town ( more idle time that driving most of the time).

Now the only reason you are arguing is cause you have a 24v and i have a 12v. Im never gonna admit anything you say is right. Reason 1 is you like thornbirds, Reason 2 you told be your dads Super Duty did not have a trac bar. It is what it is.
Ok and the only reason you are arguing with me is because I have a 24v and you have a 12 v.

Now in response to your other reasons.....Reason 1) yes I like thornbirds, I get everywhere I need to with 33" thornbirds.....I dont feel the need to over compensate for my small penis with huge ass tires/rims, 5 foot of lift or even a 460 that cost me $5000 to build and I still couldnt keep it running
Reason 2) I ate my words on the track bar issue and admitted you were right....does that happen so in frequently at your house that you have to bring up the times your are, even if it was from 4 years ago?

Now, you got me on towing (even though my fully loaded 5th wheel weighs 2-3 times as much as your jeep).....I get about 14 towing at 70....empty we are the same, but bombing around town with lots of idling I pull around 18-20.

We can continue to argue this till the end of time, but the truth is you are a politicians son and you will never admit when you are wrong.

lets just agree to disagree
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