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Originally Posted by Lothos
I'd be more interested in seeing WHY people are choosing a particular candidate more than WHY THEY ARE NOT choosing one. Politics lately has become more of whodoes a person dislike the most more than who can do the most in office for John Q Citizen.

Case in poiint, I don't like Dick and I don't like Jenny. As much as I think Dick is going to pad his pockets and his friends while in office, I fear what Jenny will do to us more. I think Dick can and will do alot for Michigan even if he pads his piggy bank at the same time.
I am in the camp that has not much respect for career politicans. I happen to trust people like devos more than jenny for the block if the fear is they are going to line their pockets not serve the public.

My angle is this, jenny has no money comparitively, she owes favors to everyone who got her where she is, she is trying to set her self up for the big pay days when she retires with her own lobby group, consultant jobs, speaking jobs etc and a deal maker/deal broker. She can make a fortune (not any different than any of the other governors or senators). Plenty of them entered politics at very modest means, sucked lots of political dick, never made more than say 150,000 adjusted for inflation, and suddenly the retire and are multi multi millionaires. Jenny isnt one for lowering taxes, so i find it particulary offensive she wants to give my money away, but she has no problem living it up when she retires. She isnt going to make a fortune and give it away. Devos does lots for charity.

I dont see why simply because devos has money he is more suspicous or has other motivations than serving the public (i think its a ego thing and a family thing,so when they are at palm springs, boca raton, marthas vineyard etc partying with the other rich billionaires in their social circle its "my kid is governor ... its a huge ego thing.) I dont think he is out to line his already outrageous pockets and ruin his families good name. He has more money than he could ever need, why tarnish the family name? Once you are as rich and successful as devos, illitch, bill davison, tom monahan, the manoogians, fishers etc, all you have left to do to increase your status is serve the public. Once your at that level of wealth, everyone is the same once your in the billionaire club. The only way to distinguish your self is be famous for something other than the family name. Especially if you werent the one who made the money, like say the rockefellers that served, the kennedys etc. Once your old man is a billionaire the bar is set pretty high for you to match, and you can never really do it, "since you had it easy". Best you can do is serve the public and give away tons of the families money. You'll never be as good as the guy that made the $$$$

I have to say i would like to see someone run for governor and somehow manage to get publicity and be a front runner and simply not be a career politican, or self financed billionare type.

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