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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
Hate to bust your bubble, but that is completely wrong. Length laws are for both commercial and non-commercial. Some states are way less than 65'. Will you get hassled? Maybe, maybe not. But, most states are getting WAY more picky about people with pick-ups pulling huge trailers. Many states also have length laws just for the trailer. For example, you are way over the 40' trailer length law in Indiana, plus their combined length limit is only 60'. You are going to want to read up on the rules of the road before you get some significant fines somewhere. I bet you didn't know that you are required to follow the truck speed limit in Michigan too, even as a non-commercial rig.

That is a decent link for laws for different states. Some of their information is incorrect as it is out of date. It still says the towing speed limit in MI is 55. It is 65 now, the same as the truck limit.

Good luck.
Humm, that's different info than what I looked up. I'll do some more digging but honestly not to worried about it. They sell 48' goosenecks everyday enclosed and open and I see them on roads all over the place....not that it makes it legal but I've never seen one pulled over.

As for the speed limit in Michigan I learned that the hard way about 3 years ago from a State trooper when I was going 80 on my way to the UP with a 24' enclosed tandem axle.....I knew it wasn't good when he started with "do you know the speed limit for a tandem axle trailer in Michigan", I just laughed at him. He let me get away with a 5 over. The BS, it's not just tandem axle, it's any trailer over 500lbs, that's when I got lippy with him and asked if he was pulling over every snowmobile trailer that weekend.

Thanks for the link & info, I want to at least know what laws I'm braking as I go through other states.
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