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Originally Posted by cruiserdar View Post
BTW not to make you feel bad...but I bought two peices of alum siding for 10 bucks, that did not match the camper, and hand beaded (rolled) the lines to match the style of the camper, then bought a pint of paint color matched to a scrap I had cut out for the fram for 6 bucks....they told me the same thing...40-50 bucks for the aluminium, and 200 plus to ship it...what a ripoff.
ya, you suck! That's why you should cut me a better deal on that generator

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
But Andy's loaded so it's no big deal.
problem is, that's no longer true after this build. My wallet hurts right now!

Originally Posted by Mclovin View Post
your jeep has a 12" C channel bumper ?? wow talk about overkill!
it's 10", lmao.

Originally Posted by 04PSD View Post
Very nice build! I have had something like this rolling around in my head for the past few years, but on a lighter and smaller scale. So what engine does that tow rig have, 6.0 or 7.3? How does it handle the load? MPG's all loaded up (if you have had it on the road long enough to get any numbers)?
Thanks! It's got a 7.3, picked it up Easter weekend knowing I was going to do this build. I've only put about 50 miles on it so no mileage numbers but it handles AWESOME, it really is amazing. After 1 or 2 trips I'll know if I need airbags but right now I'm saying no...we'll see how that is.

Originally Posted by skife View Post
makes me and my rusty XJ with the rear seat folded down and the sleeping bag in the back look like a guy who lives in an XJ down by the river.
Been there, we took a major leap on this one went straight from a tent to the 5th wheel. I learned my lesson on buying what you want the first time since I've been through 3 trucks in 3 years, if I would've just spent $5k extra 3 years ago on a dually I would've had it paid off already. Live & learn (or hopefully learn).
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