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Originally Posted by Fullsize4life View Post
You can argue with me all you want. It means nothing to me.
you just crack me up is wont concede that there could be something out there better than a 12v because you own one......

one way to look at is this.....there is nothing different between the block of a 1960's 350, and a 2010 corvette 350 block.....what IS different is the intake, fuel delivery, etc...etc...etc....

well by the way you make it sound, the 60's motor would be the better choice, when the newer motor is not only better on fuel (because of enhacements) it makes more power, lasts longer and is more efficient in every way.

another way to look at it is evolution.....without it, you would still be hunched over and beating your woman with a club all happy about fire....instead you get to be on here arguing with me
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