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Fj 60 axles and a dana 18

Crawled a couple threads and am impressed by the yoda axles. The plan was to run a 225/t-18/ Dana 18 with Saturn overdrive to 8" Mini (Hilux) 79-85 axles. Then swap in a Hp reverse cut with the stock 4.11's. Running 33's's to start. Then I got the idea of running fj 60's instead.

I am hoping you can crush a couple of myths I have heard.

The Dana 18 will not work with the 8" front. Why not it is ps drop to ps drop?
I really want to run a Saturn overdrive to save the engine. If I can not use the 18 with the 8" axles I want to know.

Can I simply use fj 60 axles they are ps drop and have the reverse cut gears and hp.
They are 60" and 58" so a bit wider then the 55" Mini's. But would gladly give up the space for the strength.

Thanks in advance
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