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Originally Posted by shamus275 View Post
Maybe this is a down state thing but up here in Mecosta / Osceola / Manistee counties we have miles upon miles of powerline trails that traverse the state lands. Just last week I saw a whole convoy of 4x4's crossing US 10 from the powerline trails heading south into the Manistee National Forest. I see some of the areas I used to wheel in as a kid are gated off now but that seems to be to property owners doing not the DNR. This is a good discussion and I hope somebody has an was always my understanding that if you had an ORV sticker you were considered good. Then again laws change and I haven't lived in this state since 97' so possibly I have no idea what I'm talking about!
Unless the powerline is designated and signed, they were breaking the law.

Originally Posted by mudford View Post
It seems like this power grab was done under the radar. They waited before enforcing it. It appears that they didn't want anyone to notice a big change. They would just slowly start ticketing more people and putting up more gates on state land. Try not to do too much at once to upset people, just do it slow enough so that before we knew it most everything was shut down, and what is open they can ticket you for driving on "at their discretion"

Its like the story of the frog in pot of water. Turn the heat up really slowly and he will just sit there until he's dead. If you turn it up too fast he will jump out. The DNR didn't want us to rally and make a big deal so they slowly snuck all this stuff through, and now we wake up and go what happened?!?!?

This state sucks!

We should plan a day and go to Lansing and fill the streets up with 4x4's in protest. Not that anyone in govt would care. They would just give everyone tickets for stupid things like tires sticking out of fenders and make a bunch more money off us.
You've pretty much hit the nail on the head.
The biggest 2 issues with showing up at he Capitol are:
1) The Permit process is NOT easy or friendly
2) It MUST be done during business hours. How many people would take a day off work to do this? The numbers drop off significantly.

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