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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
Our founding fathers wanted separation of church and state.

They did not want the energy chairman making laws about emission regulations because the bible states that after the great flood, we would not be punished anymore.
The separation you talk about is what they the founding fathers left Europe from to come here, North America.
They did not want the state telling them who or what to worship. Why then did they print and give away bibles? Teaching from the bible was manditory. They held church in the White house. The courts have writings from the bible on the walls.
How is that what you call separation of church and state?
Our founding fathers embraced Christianity and promoted it. You can deny it but the writing is on the wall, literally.
Your version of what you want it to be is not what our founding fathers intended it to be but you know more about what our founding fathers wanted for this country then they themselves.
It is what you were taught in school and you believed what your teachers told you, so it's really not your fault.
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