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Originally Posted by overbuiltyj View Post
Some of you people are amazing.Everybody has a place in society and without the burger flippers,ditch diggers or toilet cleaners your life would be alot more difficult.I don't know alot about the new health care plans,but I do know that what we have now does not work all that well.My wife has a 19yearold working for her,he is putting himself through college.He fell on his bike riding to work and peeled a good amount of skin off his arm.a few days later she told him he needed to go to the hospital,he replied with"I can not afford it",so does he not deserve to get medical attention because he flips burgers.Maybe you could think of Government health care as a way of thanking the people that do the jobs that you are too good to do instead of a handout.
Why would he DESERVE it? why does he deserve me paying for his accident? It should not be my or any other tax payers responsibility to pay for his accident. His choices lead him there, plain and simple.
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