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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
The problem is that many of those burger flipping, toilet cleaning, ditch digging jobs don't offer health insurance. And it's not like they are covered for free. They have to pay the entire cost. The only benefit is that they get it at the group rate.
that's a great unicorn idea on healthcare at a cheaper rate to underachievers funded out of the pocket books of those who worked harder, planned wiser, lived more realistically.

one thing I would really like to see is the government to collect all the money out there and distribute it equally to everyone. why? because those who didn't have anything before it will run out and blow it with nothing to show and end up broke again long before 1 year expires. then there will be people who take that money, invest, save and do smart things with it and make even more. where is the utopian answer when those who blew it start complaining again that they have nothing, and now we have nothing else to redistribute? not all, but the vast majority are in their respective situation because of personal choices or personal effort.

nobody in this country is poor, starving or without healthcare because I chose to go to college, working three jobs to do so, get degreed and obtain a nice career that provides be a very nice benefits package as part of my compensation. I know plenty of people the work jobs and pay for their own benefits. even worse I am now seeing the effects of colleagues that are losing the benefits they worked hard to obtain resulting from the fear of the oppressive and costly current government.

while I am a proponent for programs to help care for those whom physically cannot take care of themselves and the severely ill, I do not see why I need to support someone who simply doesn't feel like trying.

the first step is to make getting government aid more work than getting a job. the one thing you can rely on is that they choose to take the path of least resistance.
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