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Originally Posted by Mikey1258 View Post
The fact still remains that the places that had the least amount of performance restricting rules had the most rucks and spectators all summer.

The Lions Club race in Berville was huge. Plenty of rules.
The St Clair County Fair race was also big.
Other than that, many of the races attended this year seemed to lack spectators. With out spectators and public interest, the market will remain stagnant.

Let's examine why new races often succeed-
A)it is a new race
B)limited/no rules
C)who knows who will show up?
D)there was public interest, both spectators and local racers.

It is no secret that racers like to use the rules, or lack their of to their advantage.

It is also no secret that each class at our races has competitive trucks that run in it. The pro street is filled with light jeeps, mikey, and matt ray. Add Frank with his new motor, Hoeze's light yota, Brendan, and Cermak Sr. The list can go on....Then You have super stock. The class used to be filled with heavy hitters ie; Henry, Bunker, El Nino, Dirty Deeds, Brown and Down, DMC Jeep, and this list can continue.

The question I beg to ask is: if a these places were to host races with the same rules(or lack of) over and over AND the same guys show up and win. Will local racers and new participants then be discouraged? Will fans not want to come out and watch the same trucks?

More Seat Time? Not many guys 'Stepped Up' to the challenge.

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