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midly amusing use of his name dick in the old dick and jane book formatt. I dont think a family business is a funny thing or a strike against dick. Lots of folks i know were raised in a family business and live and breath it and know it inside out and bet their whole future on it ... i dont know why having a super successful business in the family is so dang bad. Also he is friends with Dubya. Well thats just not right :miff: And he put his money where his mouth is by supporting with donations.

Most big business support both sides in a race so they have an ear in washington or lansing no matter who wins. If ole boy dick just backs who he believes in thats respectful in my opinion. If he did back both partys to have an ear in washington, shame on the cartoon for leaving that out ....

Atleast he made his money legally unlike say the kennedys. Ol boy ted is still in office and his son or nephew and how many kennedys at state and local level. All bought with bootleg gangsta crime money. Heck old man kennedy used US ships to bootleg during the war when he was an ambassidor, and THAT is something to be ashamed of. HE DID WANT TO buy the presidency, and essectially did buy it with JFK. Also any mention of devos and their money you need to mention their charity, and any mention of amway jobs being shipped to china needs some context ... like how many similar jobs in that industry are still in michigan? Not his fault
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