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Originally Posted by 95geo View Post
WTF! Is that cross member a joke or are my eyes failing me?! Is the cross section really about .5" tall? And crossmembers with rigid bushings that far out are great at breaking adapters, cases and stripping bolts. Just keep an eye on it... Chances are, it'll be fine for a while.

Other than that, it good to see you making progress again!
You obviously need your eyes calibrated, it's at least 5/8" thick and over an inch wide .........and it's solid out about 3-4 inches out into each side of the tube. I needed the clearance for the shifters and for the T-case the way it's clocked. The bottom is already interfering with the flat belly skid. I ran out of room. The crossmember warped while welding(imagine that ) so I put my 230lb fat ass hanging off the long end to try and bend it back and couldn't. I think it'll be fine for now. I'm not really happy with the whole crossmember but I'm out of ideas on how to incorporate a traditional trans mount in the space I have available. The only way I could come up with other than that was to not have a trans crossmember and put a donor rubber trans mount right on the flat belly plate. That's a pain in the ass if I ever needed to pull the skid for any reason. I could still do it that way I guess, nothing set in stone after taking this long

Originally Posted by Mr. Beefy View Post
I think it's angle iron that is messing with your eyes haha
Nope, he's right, it's not ideal but it's all I could come up with with my limited imagination.
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