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Originally Posted by momsmotorsports View Post
From looking at these, looks like Adrenaline will be competing everywhere except stock
Henry has no 4 link, and as far as stripping, more of his truck is there than some of the guys who currently run pro street.

Will forcing new comers and locals to compete against trucks like his open up the market(ie:bring more people out to race)?
Yes I guess he will be running all the class's. What class is it that he can not run right now and why? I pretty much know what the rules are and have a hard time with the fact that my 350 hp SBC with aluminum heads has to run super stock. What do the heads save me? 70 lb s? Most aftermarket cast heads now days are just as good as aluminum. Like most racers I to am on a budget and can not afford/desire to spend $20,000 on a mud racer to win $200.
As long as you have people traveling to race it will be hard for the local and n ewcomers to compete. I thought that was where the stock class came in but even there how is the stock guy going to feel about running his truck against jeeps/trucks that are not even close to looking streetable? Than make him run against 44" tires. I am sure that he is not going to think that is fair either.
It just seems like we are on a never ending battle to try and eliminate anyone that happens to come out with big dollar racers. This is not new. I remember when the original "chemical reaction" came out and kicked everyones ass. Rules changhed. For the better at that time.
I kn ow I do not have the answers but like many others I do know that if I have no/very remote chance of winning to will not be racing. Yes I run for fun but f you are not racing to win why bother. There are lots of play holes where you can run all day for the same money or less.
One more thing to the moms people. You guys have vastly improved in your internate use since that issue we had a few years ago and I congratulate you on that. Hope to see ya again next summer. I uess I will have to build something new.
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