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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
Ok, now I know I'm going to sound like a liberal right now, but isn't it kind of a good thing that all these manuf's were forced to meet this new law? Don't we have much cleaner running diesels now?
define cleaner running? most people equate particulates with pollution - because it looks dirty... these same people think nothing of tossing their half-smoked cigarette out the window...

climate-change, cap+trade, etc., etc. are all nothing more than taxes and in reality do very little if anything to actually protect the environment.

there was a special on discovery this morning - speaking of the progression of seeding storm clouds' technology. under the presumable goal of minimizing weather related damage to human property/population centers.

we have such a primitive understanding of weather/climate that we don't even know how naive we are with these attempts. blindly marching forward with ideas such as wave-action sea-water pumps with the intention of cooling off ocean surface waters in order to help minimize hurricane damages - instead of pausing to wonder what other issues may arise by trying to play God - or simply forcing the market to bear the costs associated with building/developing in hazard prone areas. (The outer banks are admitedly beautiful locations when the weather is nice, but why should I have to offset your losses, or accept possible climate/fisheries implications because you build on a fucking island 3 miles from the mainland, 3' above the mean ocean level and be surprised that your junk gets whacked during hurricane season?!)

as for pollution - my wife frequently jokes that she'd enjoy water skiing more, if the lakes were chlorinated or otherwise dead/sterile

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