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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
Originally Posted by howell_jeep
In your ever present suggestions of sending people to therapy you seem to miss the point of this thread, which is, to remind you, whether our taxes will go up. a bullshit bait thread if there ever was one. everyone knows taxes are going up

Are you trying to tell us that the bailout of GM and others has no effect on our taxes and that Obama has no say in whether or not Bush's tax cuts are extended? You certainly give that impression. point out precisely where I suggested that, or even implied it. I am simply pointing out your flawed approach in blaming chiefly Obama and GM. I know full well that the causal factors of our poor economy and budget deficit are far too complex to simply state they are the result of one or two small name-blame-storming... something you'd evidently prefer to do judging by your first reply in the thread.

You would rather blame wall-street.
are you not "just blaming Obama and GM" in your original reply in this thread and continual ranting and railing against GM in the pub? In all the bad decisions of GM, they made a good one, at least for GM, to get money from poor Americans and go through Bankruptcy rather than to borrow money. Financial institutions did the same thing. One cannot blame them for what they did. It's not right, but our blind or corrupt politicians did not dare to say "NO".
GM also asked for a bridge loan - not to be taken over by the Feds... I'm sure Jack Wagner did not forsee the possibility that Obama would circumvent the normative business process of a Board of Directors firing him

Because of these actions, you cannot argue that Obama and GM in some way have not contributed to future rise in taxation, so you stoop to elementary school level and send people to therapy.

Stooping? I'm not the first one to suggest you should get off of GM's nuts...
Thank you for agreeing with me that Obama and GM are at least partly responsible for the rise in taxes.

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