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Originally Posted by howell_jeep View Post
Two wrongs do not make a right and a bigger wrong does not erase a smaller one. Money doesn't magically appear out of nowhere, unless you are the fed and print funny money, but then it disappears elsewhere in terms of its value. It all has to be paid for one way or another, and if taxes do not cover it, the loans gov't takes will have to be paid through future taxes on, among others, me and my family, for a few generations.

I would talk about the financial bailout, as I believe it to be far more destructive than any other, but I do not believe we have any bankers here. We do, however, have some GM folks here, and talking about cars is a little bit more related to this board than financial industry.

There are numerous other matters that will make taxes go up. I am not as intelligent as you and can't talk about all the problems in one thread, so I picked two that were on my mind. I may be mistaken, but I do not believe this warrants a therapy.
I never said two wrongs do make a right. In terms of causation I'll go back and suggest that your feelings essentially towards GM are narrow sighted and misguided - especially if you just take a token look at the order of magnitude of big-picture items on the budget/deficit... but on the subject, in as much as I share a loathing for Obama and his Agenda - he doesn't make budget appropriations - that's the Senate's Job, so you should thank Messr's Reed and his cronies more so than Obama...

Also, we do in fact have folks employed in the financial, and securities sectors here. Continually harping on an employer of many folks that are here has nothing to do with the intent of this board, or this sub-forum, that's a red herring argument.

your ever present hatred, and vitriol aimed at GM is arguably cause for therapy IMHO - but then it has been a while since I stayed at a holiday inn express... and I'm not that smart...
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