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Default Dodge Ram misfire at idle ok elevated RPM 5.9L

Hello all,
I recently purchased a 1997 Dodge Ram w/ 5.9L V8 that has 220,000 miles. The truck runs great while driving and has plenty of power. Doesn't appear to burn or leak any fluids. The problem I have is a misfire at idle only. It is flagging misfire codes for cylinders 1 and 2 and you can feel the misfire at idle but goes away at approximately 1000 RPM or greater. The plugs, wires, cap, rotor prove out ok. I ran some sea foam injector cleaner through it and it feels like it improved it a little bit but hard to tell. I'm just looking for ideas. I've thought about replacing those two injectors in case it was a bad spray pattern. The other thought I had was possibly a valve sealing concern. I haven't had a chance to check manual compression and cylinder leakdown yet. The other thought was a head gasket as it being with two companion cylinders but with no evidence of a coolant loss and no odor from the exhaust makes that one hard to believe.
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