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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
I haven't read the Koran myself, but from what i've talked with my grandpa about (he's read it, why, I don't know, he's old lol), the Koran and the Bible are pretty similar. Not exact of course, but things like Not murdering or committing adulty
That would be because the two men that both religions were kind of started from are from the same Family. Ishmael and Issac. Ishmael was born from one of Abraham's Wife's Servants. Issac was born of Abraham's Wife. Abraham's wife forced her servant to leave after Issac was born. Issac received Abraham's Birth right Ishmael did not. Issac continued on his father's beliefs the through his line the 12 Tribes of Israel were born.

As you can see, It would make sense that Ishmael's religion would be similar to the Hebrew religion because they were kind of "born" in the same "house".
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