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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
So what you want to do is Study it then? Because just reading it will probably not give you any more "fuel" then not reading it. Just like Christians, as a Child they are taught from it and know it very well. If you do try and use it agianst them they can always pull the "It's not in the Original language card". Some of them believe that it isn't proper to read it in English.

That being said, Good luck.
Yes, I want to study the Koran. Not that I am interested in Islam as a personal religion but quite the opposite.

I try to be tolerant and accepting of all religions as part of my personal choice of being a Diest. I am also interested in aspects of different faiths including Christianity. The funny thing is that the more I study religion, the more I feel I've made the correct choice for my personal religious beliefs.

I believe the Koran is much like the Bible. Written by men with a personal agenda to gain something. I also feel that it (like the Bible) is subject to gross interpretation and the people that are interpreting it have a personal agenda. Studying the Koran will allow me to (maybe) understand the thinking process of some of these left field Muslims out there. Knowlege is power, power is good.

Now Christian guys, don't get all wound up because what I've just written. I support your right to believe what ever you want too. I just enjoy making you guys produce facts here and there and I enjoy challenging mainstream religous thinking. Our little debates make us all smarter.
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