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Pasties are a meat and diced potato filled baked dough pocket, sometimes with onion and rutabaga added. Quite possibly the grandfather of the "hot pocket", and rates on a similar scale, culinary-wise. People here are crazy for them. They were introduced to the area by the Cornish miners who came here to mine iron ore. They were easy to carry and eat in the mines. They're too dry for my liking, but enough A-1 and Guiness make them bearable. Like any "local" specialty, everyone has their own version, and it's "the way they're supposed to taste".

Trailtwister, why are you going to be in the area? Just curious, not too much going on here then. Let me know if you'll have any free time, I'll buy you a beer at Mr Mom's. And, no, I don't need any TJ parts. I WISH iI had a TJ. My XJ has been laid-up for a while, for lack of funds and enthusiasm. But thanks for the offer, just the same.

OK, back to getting a Yooper forum. Is it something feasable or not? I'd just like to know, in case Obamanomics force me to close my doors. I'd like to have something to occupy my time. :P
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