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Originally Posted by Dr XXX View Post
Umm... Wow, god doesn't exist, nothing you claim he has done can be proven.
The multiple instances where he has provided for my friends and Family are pretty Tangible. All of them being cases where they didn't mention it to anyone but Money or other resources just showed up. Not just a vague amount of money, but down to the cent.

We had an Artist come to our ministry once that comes pretty regularly and told us a neat story about this. Basically, they were struggling in thier ministry with money. They didn't tell anybody, they didn't tweet it, they just knew that God would take care of it. The Next day he had a Concert at a church of no more then 15 people. They raised over 1600 for him that night. On his way out, Someone offered to buy him new tires for his car (which were very low on tread). The next morning a Church that he visits felt that God was leading them to take an offering for him. They did, over 2000 dollars. They knew nothing about his finacial Struggles. He came to our Ministry and told this to us AFTER we took our offering for him. Our ministry is a College ministry and we raised over 1500 for him that night. no more then 30 poor college students raised 1500? Yeah, I could see how that's Unbelievable. But it happened. I saw the money my self.

Now, is it just me, or is that pretty provable thing? I mean, I could ask for his bank account information and it would show those deposits. I could show you the emails from the church that gave. We could also go into the Statistical numbers of the chances that all this would happen within a week or two.
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