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Originally Posted by All5ofus View Post
Just so you know, if you hold "Shift" at the same time as hit the first letter in your sentence you can capitalize the first word of your sentence like they taught you in school.

Oh also, in case you didn’t know your keyboard has a “.” on it too. It’s not just for your girlfriends “Time of the month anymore".
Wow, grammar police, that's a new one.

Originally Posted by iwantawrangler View Post
You make people from Whitelake look like whiny bitches who cant get off their mother's tit, and grow the fukc up.
You have to admit, most of the people from 2 paw's are not real smart. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, you do seem not nearly as dumb as most of them, in fact I would argue that you have average gl4x4 intelligence.
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