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Default 93 YJ Wrangler Renegade Rock Crawler (SOLD!)

Lets start at $7,000 shall we?
Obviously negotiable. Part out offers welcome.

Tons of pics.

Last build thread.

  • 4.0L about 100,000 miles.
  • starts great.
  • runs strong.
  • doesn't burn oil or smoke.

  • AX15.
  • brand new clutch.
  • new slave cylinder.
  • refinished flywheel.

  • 1980 D300.
  • Tera 4:1 gears.
  • full rebuild kit when installed.
  • sight tube.
  • clocked near flat.
  • twin sticks with front HI mod.

Front axle (609):
  • 65" WMS to WMS
  • 9" non banjo center.
  • 3" x 5/16 DOM tubes.
  • Dodge HD inner knuckles.
  • Chevy kingpin outers.
  • Spring less highsteer arms.
  • 6 lug outers.
  • 1/2 ton rotors.
  • large Chevy calipers.
  • new kingpin parts.
  • new wheel bearings.
  • Strange Engineering third member.
  • Aluminum "Daytona" Pinion support.
  • 5.43 gears.
  • Superior 35 spline "Evolution" inner and outer shafts.
  • Spicer wheel joints.
  • AAfab 4340 drive slugs.
  • Detroit locker.

Rear axle (9"):
  • 64.5" WMS to WMS
  • 9" non banjo center.
  • stock tubes.
  • full truss.
  • 35 Spline SF Superior "Evolution" Shafts machined to 6 lug.
  • new wheel bearings.
  • 1/2 ton rotors.
  • large Chevy calipers.
  • Strange Engineering third member.
  • Aluminum "Daytona" Pinion support.
  • 5.43 gears.
  • Auburn spool.

  • Toyota CV rear shaft.
  • Toyota single cardian front shaft.
  • .25 wall drive shafts
  • Toyota yokes all around.

  • SOA on bastardized BDS 2" leafs.
  • 4.5" front and rear stretch.
  • Main spring hangers frenched into frame F&R.
  • Single 3 point traction bar.
  • All shocks work, nothing special
  • Total lift around 5".

  • 15x8 aluminum wheels with rock rash.
  • 38 x 12.5 x 15 TSL/SX's 75%+ tread.

  • Completely rebuilt stock box.
  • Moved 5" forward for front stretch.
  • Hydro assist.
  • GM TRE's with 1.25 x .25 wall tubes.
  • Tilt column.

  • Warn XD9000 with Rockstomper synth rope.
  • One off 6 point cage tied in to frame.
  • Corbeau Seats mounted to cage.
  • 2" Cam lock belts (4-point.)
  • 15 gal fuel cell.
  • Frame mounted E2000 pump and filter (new.)
  • LED tail lights.
  • 8 LED rock lights with custom driver. Ridiculously bright, adjustable strobe function, run for days on the battery.
  • CB radio with 4 foot Firestick.
  • Oil, Volts, Temp, Fuel 2 3/8 Autometer Sport comp; speedo and tach stock. Green LED dash lights.
  • Windshield racked 10deg back, frenched around dash bar, no wipers, unbolt to remove.
  • Bikini top, windjammer.
  • Bestop 2 piece canvas doors, though uppers won't work without modification (windshield rake.)
  • Heater works.
  • Defroster works.
  • New Radiator.
  • New Starter.
  • New fuel Pump.
  • New exhaust manifold.
  • New catalytic converter.
  • Flowmaster 40 series (exits at rear bumper, no turn down poo poo.)

  • Front winch bumper.
  • Front frame section replaced from bumper about 16" back. Both sides.
  • Frame cut just in front of rear tires, replaced with straight section.
  • Rear bumper/cross member/shackle hanger, w/receiver, 2" higher than stock (tub trimmed to fit.)
  • 2x4x.188 rock sliders, slightly boat sided.
  • .25 plate cross member/skid plate. About 2" total drop from bottom of frame rails to bottom of skid.

Whats wrong:
  • Renegade flares have various cracks.
  • Passenger side cowl, hood, and B pillar were eaten by rocks.
  • General rust of tub underneath Renegade flares. (Best part is you really can't see any of it... which is why I have never cared.)
  • Faded paint, trail pinstripes, etc...
  • No wipers, nor will there ever be. (RainX works well though.)

The Jeep wheels awesome. It's well balanced, it's got a low COG, and when you run out of finesse you can hammer down like a moron and not break things. I've had it on trails all over the east coast and midwest and have had plenty of time to work out the bugs. It's currently ready to load on a trailer and take where ever. Frame is ROCK SOLID.

I've just recently got it back on the street and it's drives pretty well. It tracks straight with very little steering input needed. The Swampers are biased and unbalanced and the drive shafts are about 30 pounds a piece, so 55 is about it for comfortable. I was commuting it in about 15-20 miles a day in town for a couple weeks and it was a non issue. That said you won't be taking this on the highway, plus you can hear the money burning away with the rear spool. Although I've seen much worse driving around year round, lets be realistic here *lol*

There will be no warranty express or implied with this sale. There is a lot to explain and describe, and I have done so as best as possible. Any and all verification of this information is up to you the buyer upon purchase. As with the nature of vehicles used in this manner, nothing, something, or everything could break in your driveway on the way home. Vehicle is sold as-is where-is.
Zoom Zoom!

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