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Default 92 F150 manual transmission problems (updated)

Long story short, my 92 Ford F150 with the 5 speed manual got really hard to put into gear out of nowhere today. Now its at the point where it feels like the clutch doesn't even do anything because it starts taking off and stalls as soon as I put the truck in gear, even with the clutch pedal down. I checked the hydraulic fluid and there was nothing in it, so I filled it up and its still doing it. Is the transmission fucked or do I just need to bleed the clutch now? I don't know too much about manuals except that its possible to get air in the lines and then the clutch doesn't work. Please help! This is my work truck and I gotta get it back up and running asap.

Oh and the clutch is was replaced within the past few years so it shouldn't be going bad.

Well now its acting up again. When I drive it it will become very hard to put into gear, then the next thing you know it goes in gear perfect again 10 minutes later. Its got fluid in it so maybe air in the lines, or bad slave cylinder? Any ideas???

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