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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post

Also, I see what you're doing to curb your bad habit of buying and parting everything out - you'll end up buying & parting out 30 Cherokees (at the rate you're going) before the XJ's title is safely in Mira's fist.

"Dad, I think the A/C compressor is bad on the new engine";

"ORLY?!! I've had my eye on one parked just off 28th street...";

"DA-AAD!!! We ONLY need the COMPRESSOR!";

"Oh, you never know, I saw you were missing two trim screws - one in the hatch area and one down by the kick panel on the passenger side. You know how much those things run at the stealership?!";

"Dad, they're just a couple of screws - I've already replaced them with a couple I found in a coffee can in the garage...";

"WHAT!!!??? - Which coffee can!? The one labeled 'Misc LJ Screws', 'Misc CJ5 Screws', 'Misc CJ6 Screws', 'Misc CJ8 Screws', 'Misc FSJ Screws', or 'Misc TJ Screws'??? I know for sure there are no trim screws in the 'Misc XJ Screws' can - I've checked myself! Look, Honey, I'm just looking out for your best interests."

I'm going to PM Mira my phone number so she has someone to call to help her set up an intervention, Craig.

Sounds about accurate. Mira will keep me on-track with this one. I'm going to wrap up the '94 XJ (red) part-out, and just park the white one until spring.

First on the To-Do list for Mira's black XJ is replacing some select sections of the floor pan. The exterior is all rust-free, but because the vehicle sat for 4+ years with the windows broken out of it, the carpet held moisture and caused a couple spots on the floorpan to rust. It'll be a straightforward fix, though, and we'll have Mira do some of the welding (good teaching moment).

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