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Originally Posted by MusKegon_ZJ_gurl View Post
I'm sorry you're so offended. not really offended, I am insenced "see below"

Like others have said, you're not part of the group we're bitching about. I knowThings are tough all over and there are many people who are in need. yes their are

There are also just as many (I'm betting more) I follow the "5% rule". Out of every racial and social economic group there are 5% of the people screwwing it up for the other 95%
who are abusers of the system, who've been raised in system abusing homes, groomed to perfect ripping off the government. This group has made a career out of milking every tax paying pocket in the state. these are the people we are so pissed at.
These are the people who pushed us into feeling the need for drug testing, community service for assistance and possibly even forced temporary sterilization.

I'm effing sick of handing over so many of my ass busted dollars to people who are just suckin up air!could not agree more
As said before I am not offended, I am incensed at the level of sheer stupidity of MOST of the people posting here.
FYI I don’t think you should be able to get a "cash benefit" at a casino.
I don’t wish to spend much more of my life trying to educate the people here so I will only pick on one other post.

Originally Posted by TJJEEP View Post
It is way to easy for people to be lazy. They should have to pick up the check in person - one or two locations in each county,
This was how it was with unemployment up until the mid 80’s there were dozens of locations around the state employing thousands of surly lazy government workers. When they eliminated all of that, it saved the state (taxpayers like you) MILLIONS of dollars

they should have to pass a drug test,
How much does that cost? And are YOU willing to pay for it?
Once the male birth control is invented they should force everyone on government assistance to take some form of birth control.
From around 1900 to the mid twenties the United States was sterilizing the mentally retarded and “criminally insane”. The well-documented science was called eugenics, we were a word leader. When a certain vegetarian came into power in Germany in the early 1930’s his cronies used the United States eugenics research to help improve the master race. It was first used on the mentally retarded, gypsies and homosexuals. It eventually evolved into what is known as “the final solution”. For that reason forced sterilization has become a non-starter in the United States.
Put these people to work and do as many of the government jobs as possible while they are on government assistance.
Do you want someone living in poverty that is stupid enough to gamble away money, in charge of your tax return check or divers license?Fuck these people and their uselessness.
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