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Originally Posted by fflinstone View Post
I have been unemployed for 15 out of the last 17 months. Because we have a child we qualify for a bridge card. Ours is food only, no cash benefits. We get $220 a month for food. With careful shopping it goes along way. If it wasn’t for my wife’s addiction to diet coke I think we could cover almost all our food with it. I shop once a month at a “salvage food” store. I have volunteered at 2 food banks, as a volunteer we get a package just like the people who wait in line. I share the food with an elderly neighbor who lives below the poverty line.
Before my layoff in 09(thank you Obama) I had been working in automotive engineering since 1978. After paying taxes for 32 years I have no guilt for getting “food stamps” I f%^&ing earned them! I don’t gamble other than the lotto; I will still buy an easy pick when it’s up over 50M. If I did get a cash benefit, I would buy ammo rather than go to the casino.
Not everybody who receives public assistance is a scumbag. We (Michigan) are leading the nation in unemployment. Over one in ten people used to have a job just like you! They are not lazy, they are unemployed! Do you know how hard it is to get a job when you are over 40? Companies would rather some dumb ass kid fresh out of collage.
I find it sickening that you see signs in mini marts and convenience stores that say “bridge card accepted here” might as well read “ hey dumb ass, throw away your money here”. In the past 17 months I have become a cheapskate to the point I could squeeze a nickel till the buffalo farts.
It sucks trying to raise a kid and do the best for him with no money in your pocket. It sucks only being able to occasionally eat out at a place with a dollar menu. It sucks not buying your wife a Christmas present. I don’t know what has to happen to get a cash benefit from a bridge card. I just know I don’t want to find out.
I'm sorry you're so offended.

Like others have said, you're not part of the group we're bitching about.
Things are tough all over and there are many people who are in need.

There are also just as many (I'm betting more) who are abusers of the system, who've been raised in system abusing homes, groomed to perfect ripping off the government. This group has made a career out of milking every tax paying pocket in the state. these are the people we are so pissed at.
These are the people who pushed us into feeling the need for drug testing, community service for assistance and possibly even forced temporary sterilization.

I'm effing sick of handing over so many of my ass busted dollars to people who are just suckin up air!
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