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Originally Posted by fflinstone View Post
I have been unemployed for 15 out of the last 17 months. Because we have a child we qualify for a bridge card. Ours is food only, no cash benefits. We get $220 a month for food. With careful shopping it goes along way. If it wasn’t for my wife’s addiction to diet coke I think we could cover almost all our food with it. I shop once a month at a “salvage food” store. I have volunteered at 2 food banks, as a volunteer we get a package just like the people who wait in line. I share the food with an elderly neighbor who lives below the poverty line.
Before my layoff in 09(thank you Obama) I had been working in automotive engineering since 1978. After paying taxes for 32 years I have no guilt for getting “food stamps” I f%^&ing earned them! I don’t gamble other than the lotto; I will still buy an easy pick when it’s up over 50M. If I did get a cash benefit, I would buy ammo rather than go to the casino.
Not everybody who receives public assistance is a scumbag. We (Michigan) are leading the nation in unemployment. Over one in ten people used to have a job just like you! They are not lazy, they are unemployed! Do you know how hard it is to get a job when you are over 40? Companies would rather some dumb ass kid fresh out of collage.
I find it sickening that you see signs in mini marts and convenience stores that say “bridge card accepted here” might as well read “ hey dumb ass, throw away your money here”. In the past 17 months I have become a cheapskate to the point I could squeeze a nickel till the buffalo farts.
It sucks trying to raise a kid and do the best for him with no money in your pocket. It sucks only being able to occasionally eat out at a place with a dollar menu. It sucks not buying your wife a Christmas present. I don’t know what has to happen to get a cash benefit from a bridge card. I just know I don’t want to find out.

Your family is not the ones that are being bitched about. Please do not take it that way.
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