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Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
I dont understand why you can get cash off of these cards at all.
because the food portion does not allow them to buy things like toilet paper, laundry soap, shampoo, etc...or at least, thats the justification

its not that they get it, its the amount they get and the lax policies and regulations placed on it. Personally, I think if this sytem is going to be in effect, there needs to be alot of changes. Required drug/alcohol testing, required community service for X hours per week (even if its sweeping the sidewalk on thier block, I dont care, make them do something) and limit how much they get to be equivilent to min wage x 40 hrs/week, plus maybe housing assistance (which they would not see anyway, would go straight to thier landlord, or maybe setup apartment buildings for them)...basically, make it equal/greater work to get assistance as it is to get a job and work for what you want and need. There should also be home inspections/audits done, to insure they are not selling drugs, working under the table, or doing anything else illegal while getting this assistance.

Yes, I realize that puts us several steps closer to socialism, but at least then the community would get something back for all of the handouts, and may help keep the lazy asses off of it.
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