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Originally Posted by WSU JK View Post
Isn't the Colbert March to Keep Fear Alive supposed to be the opposition to the Rally to Restore Sanity (aka The Million Moderate March)?

All in all, if these actually go down, it should be a pretty fun Saturday in DC.
I personally think it's just a Big rally were both of them are going to have fun. They aren't Pinned at each others throats or anything. I'm guessing it's a Mutual Publicity Stunt. Other wise they wouldn't have links to each others pages on thier page. My Friend is going, she already booked a Hotel.

Originally Posted by jaysusr View Post
Stewart is a flaming liberal, i dont care what he's trying to look like, be it moderate or whathaveyou. He's also the conduit that waaaay to many gen-x'ers and mellinian generation people are getting their news from. (Complete with his political bend). This whole thing is timed right around election time, and nothing good can come of this rally i assure you.
The Intrawebs are Serious Business. I don't think they are up to anything sinister. If anything, it's probably just for Entertainment purposes. The Things you'll find out about Gen - Xer's (I think I am one, Not sure what defines them) is they understand That kind of 'bend' that both of them put on thier 'news'. It's Entertainment though, That's all. If anybody can't see the humor in it, and take it for that, they should be given thier frontal lobe back. < .
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