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Default School me on XJ's.....

I'm not a big jeep guy...I know the 4.0's a damn good engine that will go forever, and I needed a cheap beater so I picked up an 88 xj - 4.0, and I assume AX-15 (it's a stick), NP231?....The things just going to be a DD beater, so I dont really care much about it.

Anyhow, it's got some problems. First and foremost is the oil leak - pretty sure it's the valve cover gasket/oil pan gasket/ rear main. That's no biggy. But it's also got some 4wd issues.

The first "problem" is I can't get 4 matter how far I pull back on the shift lever, it wont engage and stays in neutral....

The second problem is for some reason the part time light is staying on, with or without the thing in 4 hi, and occasionally it wont engage in 4 hi as well. I know it's got the vacuum shift fork on the axle, but that's "been replaced"....if the things in only 2wd and the part time lights on, does that mean the front axle is engaged? If so will it break anything to drive it like that for a while?

I havent even taken a look underneath to see what the problem could be, and I'm basically just asking if there is any known common occurance that would cause this (yes I know it could be alot of things), and if theres any other thing I should keep an eye out for..
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