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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
'cause its true. Moley is just a follow up. Engler really boned this state.
1. Engler closed the rec areas to ORV use.
2. he instated the .06 tax that would offset state budgets. and save us from high school taxes
3 he gave the DNR something called "Orders of the director". it gives them the power to write laws without concern for legislature
While I was not a fan of Engler (or Blanchard, or Moley)

#2 is incorrect. He pushed the Legislature into putting a constitutional amendment before the public that forced us, the voters into making the decision to shaft ourselves with a higher sales tax or a higher income tax. This took place in 1994 and is known as "Proposition A". It passed by a LARGE majority of the electorate (us voters) yet nobody remembers it, or even voting for it...

#3 is a huge stretch - most State Level directors have the power to interpret law and set Departmental policy that has the bureaucratic effect of law until challenged in Court and over turned. The State Tax Commission has been doing this for decades.
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