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I think your ign. box is good. When they fail, they fail bad.

Since it ran fine before damaging the wires. Double check the wires. Did they come assembled or did you have to install the clips and boots. Check them with an ohm meter.

Double check the firing order since you installed new wires....13726548.

Your initial (static) timing is too low. Without knowing your cam specs, start at 10-12. If your cam has more than 270 duration, bump it up to 12-14.

Make sure your vacuum advance is connected to the proper vacuum port. And speaking of vacuum, hook up a vacuum meter and set your primaries (two screws on the front of the carb). You should adjust them until you have reached max vacuum. When you have one side set, set the other, then start over one more time. Your vacuum should be around 20 in. +/- 2.

Check for vacuum leaks. Can also detect leaks with a vacuum guage if significant enough. It will indicate low vacuum.

After you get everything checked and adjusted, read your timing curve. Hopefully you have a tach. Have someone call out rpm's while they slowly increase throttle and you call out where your timing is at. Have someone write it down while your doing it. Hopefully you have a couple bored buddies. You want to be able to review how much timing you have through the entire curve and where total advance is at.

Post up what you find. I'm curious. I also agree with Bigbert on the lean condition. But if it was good before I cant think of why it would have changed.

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