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LOL nice post duffman that is great. The afl cio ..... taking foolishness to new levels!

I think the union is endorseing granholm because they are both from the same school of big talk no walk, smoke and mirrors and promoting themselves and not consituants. The afl cio folks for example i can see some douche who reads his union pamplet HEADLINES and thats it .... raising his hand at bush on tv and swearing all the while thinking his union leaders are working for him and not kick backs and strengthing political future, and all the while have the utmost respect for that hack al gore. If that is not common WHY does the union leadership not work for the union members agenda! This ignorance has got to be soooo rampant.

I think the blind endoresements are just a political kickback of sorts. Its not a real endorsement for any mildly savy or should i say even mildly educated or barely informed union teacher. Its nothing more than arranging for nice appointments, getting jobs for friends, vacations, no bid contracts for family members business and shit like that from the democractic party to connected union leaders. There is no substance behind the endorsement. Any endorsement from a union like the teachers is a gurantanteed large vote at the polls, worth tens of millions of dollars. I think thats why they ALWAYS have to endorse someone. It pays them personally to endorse .... its one of the biggest paydays for union leaders so why would they want to pass that up ..... they dont care if its contradictory to the real agenda of their organization.

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